Pastor's Blog


     The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 6th. While the observation of Lent has changed over the years, it has always been a time of prayer, reflection, and sacrifice. Some ways we may observe lent are by giving up something we enjoy and spending more time in prayer and Scripture. We may even try fasting.  This year, I’m encouraging you to spend the season of Lent by intentionally spending time with God, listening through prayer and Scripture. Find a time and intentionally set it aside for the purpose of prayer and reflection.  Perhaps you already have a time you set aside, and you already have a devotional practice. I encourage you to increase your time and find a new practice to add during Lent. One practice would be formational reading of a Christian book on spiritual disciplines.

     Lent consists of 40 days, not including Sundays. Sundays aren’t included because Sundays are celebration days, reminding us that Jesus is alive! Every Sunday should be a mini-Easter and a day of celebration rather than a day of fasting and sacrifice.  I encourage all of us to observe Lent and in our observation to really celebrate each Sunday. What would happen if we prepared for our Sunday Celebrations by:

1) Spending time during the week with God in preparation for worship.
2) Coming to worship anticipating God’s presence.
3) Praying that God would meet us as we worship with our community of faith.
4) Becoming more open and receptive to the Spirit of God.

     As we intentionally seek God and practice disciplines that open us to the presence of God, may we experience a Holy Lent. A season set apart in prayer, reflection, sacrifice, and worship.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom