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Longing for Spring

I find myself sitting at my desk on this Friday afternoon of April the 20ththinking about Spring.  It’s been a long, cold winter, and I am eager for warm weather. I’m tired of seeing bare trees and the continuation of snow into the middle of April. I long to see flowers and trees blooming bringing the beautiful colors of Spring.  

Yet even as I anticipate my favorite season, I hear my grandmother’s voice saying, “Don’t wish your life away.”

If you’re like me, you sometimes hear yourself saying, “When such and such happens, then I will . . . or, If only so and so would do this, then I would do that . . . or, I would be happy if . . . or, I will be satisfied when . . .”

In longing for some future good, we tend to forget that every day—regardless of the weather or our circumstances—is a gift from God to be used for His glory.

According to author Ron Ash, “We are where we need to be and learning what we need to learn. Stay the course because the things we experience today will lead us to where He needs us to be tomorrow.”

In every season, there is a reason to rejoice and an opportunity to do good (Eccl. 3:12). The challenge for each of us every day is to find something to rejoice about and some good to do—and then to do both.

Just as the winter turns to spring,
Our lives have changing seasons too;
So when a gloomy forecast comes,
Remember—God has plans for you. —Sper



In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom