Pastor's Blog

God’s Blessing

Wow! It is hard to believe that summer is almost over. Time sure does fly. I have spent some time reflecting this past month about how fast my first year as your pastor has gone. I want you to know how blessed I feel to call each of you my parishioners and friends.

As I reflect back on the past year I can certainly see God’s blessing upon the Plymouth Church of the Brethren. Our attendance is higher than it has been in years as well as the giving. In a day and age where most churches are declining in both areas we are not in the norm. This has caused me to think about the Bible verse Proverbs 20:28. Proverbs 20:28 says: “A faithful man will abound with blessings.” So, we can logically and correctly apply this verse to mean: “A faithful church will abound with blessings”. My friends, God will bless churches that are moving forward with the heart of Jesus and trying to reach more people for Him. In this past year, we have started new outreach ministries, created a new website to attract possible seekers, and approved a new sound system so we can add a second contemporary service and celebrate recovery service. God can see our faithfulness in wanting to fulfill the “Great Commission”, and we are seeing His blessing.

As we move forward looking into the future a year from now, I believe we will begin to see the fruit of our labor. We all know that change is never easy, but is always necessary in order to stay relevant. We here at PCOB will make the necessary changes for God’s glory but at the same time honor our tradition. That is why we will keep our first service exactly the same. I do encourage you, however, to check out the new contemporary service once it begins. You will notice that it is different in worship style, but you will see that it is still all about worshipping Jesus. My friends hold onto your hats, the next year at PCOB will be exciting as we continue to do the work of Jesus. By the way, be looking for the blessing of God because once again Proverbs 20:28 reminds us that God will bless the faithful.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom