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A Recent Phone Call

Dear Friends,

     Recently I received a phone call from a young woman, asking if I would consider doing pre-marital counseling with her and her fiancé.  This young lady and her fiancé live in South Bend and have been looking for a church and have visited us on a couple of occasions.  Eventually they hope to move back to Plymouth, where she was born and raised, and when they do they have expressed interest in becoming part of the Plymouth Church of the Brethren.  I told this woman that I would be glad to do some pre-marital counseling for them.

     As I thought about this, it occurred to me that we, as Christians, also go through pre-marital counseling while here on earth—counseling that prepares us to be wed to Jesus when he calls us home and into eternal life. I have said at funerals and memorial services that I believe we are here on earth to prepare ourselves for that life, and the season of Lent followed by the celebration of Easter is a particularly good time to do so.

     Lent began this year on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, and will end on Easter, April 1st. It’s traditionally a time of penance and reflection and offers excellent opportunities for seeking our Lord’s counseling on how we are to live. We should remember back to how the prophet Isaiah, referred to the coming Messiah as Wonderful Counselor. May we take him at his word, and seek his counseling this Lenten season through prayer, the study of Scripture, devotional reading, church attendance, and by reaching out to others in love. Our Lord’s counseling office is open twenty-four hours a day, and an appointment is not necessary. Neither is there a fee for his services, for he has already paid the price. How can we not take advantage of such an amazing offer?

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom